Abdominal excercises at home

Abdominal Exercises at home

         It moves more and strengthens the muscle structure, lives healthier and prevents back-neck pain. Depending on the seasons, different training and sports types are especially good for general fitness. For example, abdominal and balance training, which can be practiced all year round, first of all strengthens the supporting muscles in the upper body and improves balance. Here we introduce you to different workouts, give tips, and show you actions you can do at home.

Abdominal exercise and balance training

       Abdominal Exercises and Abdominal Training
             Targeted, functional exercises during abdominal training are used to train the supporting trunk muscles (i.e. muscles in the chest, hips, abdomen and back). Abdominal exercises strong muscle structure in the center of the body relaxes the spine, provides an upright posture, protects against back pain and injuries.

Abdominal exercise training

Why balance exercise?

       In  addition to strengthening the muscles, it is also important that the whole body is in balance. Balance exercises support body stability and coordination. Exercises on unstable surfaces, such as a ball or rotating platform, also strengthen deep muscles that help keep the body in balance.

Balance exercise

Abdominal and balance training: exercises at home

1. Exercise with a gym ball

      Exercises with a gymnastic ball train certain muscle groups and also train the body and its stability, and hence its balance, thanks to the unstable ground. In particular, the back, trunk and abdominal muscles, as well as biceps, are strengthened.
Exercise with gym ball


       Lie on your back, keep your hands near your head. Place the lower legs on the ball so that the body, thigh and lower leg parts are at an angle of 90 ° to each other. Lift the head and upper body slightly over the abdomen, hold it slightly and lower it again. The lower part of the back remains on the ground, there should be no space at the waist! The head is not pulled up by hands!

Shuttle exercise


       Sit on the ball, keep your back straight, there should be no gap in the waist. Look straight ahead. Tighten the belly and butt. Bring the arms closer to the body and hold the tape holders from behind. Then lift the lower arm up to shoulder level - while keeping your elbows close to your body. Count till 5 and then slowly return to the starting position.

Biceps exercise


       Enter 4 leg positions in front of the ball. Place the legs straight back over the ball. Let the upper body and legs form a straight line. Bend your arms and lower your upper body slowly to the ground so that you continue to create a straight line, not bent from the hip. Push it up again with your arms.

Exam exercise

. Exercise with a rotating fitness platform

Position: Place both feet on the rotating platform as in the photo. Gently bend the knees. Keep your back straight, keep your gaze ahead. Tighten your body.

Movement: Rotate the upper body and hip alternately in both directions. Support the return movement with the arms.

A different kind: Raise the arms to the side or forward and lower it again.

. Exercise with elastic band

Exercise with Elastic band

Position: Wrap the tape around your foot once, hold the ends in your hand, and take the starting position: Hands and knees should be flat at the shoulder width, the back straight.

Movement: Extend one leg straight back, keeping your back straight. At the same time, stretch your arm on the opposite side straight. Keep your gaze on the ground so your back and neck form a line. Maintain this position for a few seconds .then continue the exercise with the other one.

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