Aerobic exercise to reduce cellulite

Cellulite excersises: the best exercises against cellulite


Cellulite is super annoying and can make you feel insecure. Do you remember the moment when you didn't put on a nice skirt in the summer? That you bought a bathing suit or bikini bottoms with legs instead of a “normal” bikini bottom? Why was that anyway?

Was that when the cellulite started to show up and you started to find it annoying?

For some women, this is when they no longer found themselves slim enough, but you don't always have to have cellulite. However, even if you are slim you can suffer from cellulite.

Usually, cellulite begins to form after puberty. Therefore, it is for most women a problem between their 20 th and 30 th year of life.

Cellulite can occur in any woman regardless of her weight, but is usually more noticeable in overweight women To make it less noticeable or even remove it completely, there are exercises to reduce the cellulite.

As stated in other articles, promoting blood flow is important to reduce cellulite. Therefore, a number of anti cellulite excersises that you can do to reduce cellulite with exercises besides other steps. There are several ways to promote circulation in problem areas.

The timing for this article may seem very strange, but you hear it more often if you want a beautiful sporty body in the summer, you should start with it in the winterTherefore exercises that you can already do so that you feel better about your body in the spring and summer.

Exercise to reduce cellulite

Cellulite exercise 1: Climbing stairs

If possible, always take the stairs. Your buttocks and legs are very important for climbing stairs, which stimulates those muscles, yes, blood. That blood that has to go extra because you are going to climb stairs improves the blood flow in that region. Because the muscles get hotter, the blood has to cool down again and that goes through the skin, which also improves your microcirculation.

When climbing stairs, you activate your hamstrings, upper calf muscles, and the muscles in your thigh. So especially there you will get more blood flow. So around your thighs and your calves.

You can also climb stairs as exercise during exercise, to get extra effect you can also hold weights so that your muscles do even more work.

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Cellulite exercise 2: Squats

Squat exercise to reduce cellulite

Squatting has become immensely popular since rounder buttocks have become fashionable, but that's not all squatting is good for. By squatting you ensure better blood flow to your upper legs and the bottom of your butt.

Here, too, the skin needs to cool down, which improves blood circulation and reduces cellulite.

With a squat you make the same movement as when you sit on a chair, only there is no chair and you have to hold the pose for a while. So you lower yourself until your thighs are evenly on the ground.

If you find it difficult you can put your hands forward or use a chair, wall or table as a support. The squat is performed completely well when you push your buttocks backwards. It may seem a little strange, but then you achieve the best result.

You can intensify the exercise with weights. With weights you will notice that you need much more muscles, such as the muscles in your upper back, shoulders, lower abdominal muscles, muscles at the hips, inner thighs and calves. So this is the perfect exercise to improve circulation in problem areas.

Cellulite exercise 3: Lunges (large step pocket through the knee)

Lunge exercise for cellulite

Another good exercise that is very popular to improve blood flow in the legs and buttocks is lunges. You make a big step and then lower yourself until one knee almost touches the ground. You can hold this pose for a while or make another big step after which you lower yourself again.

With lunges, you improve blood flow in the thighs, thighs, buttocks and your abs and lower back. Also with this exercise you can intensify it with weights. After squatting, this is also a very good exercise to tackle cellulite around the buttocks.

Cellulite exercise 4: Donkey kick

Lunge exercise for cellulite

In this exercise you get on all fours. Then you pull a knee forward and make a pedaling movement backwards, fully stretching your leg and kicking back as high as possible. With this exercise you will immediately notice that you have to use your buttocks and the back of your thigh. In addition, you use your abs to avoid falling over, so you get them for free.

You can intensify the exercise by hanging a weight on your foot.

Cellulite exercise 5: Wall seat

Wall seat exercise for cellulite

Your thighs are very important for your silhouette. With the wall seat you train those muscles while you rest the rest of your body. So your buttocks, thighs and the back of your legs. Usually at the beginning you also think something like “hey nice, this doesn't seem like an exercise at all.”. That is why you have to hold the wall seat for 1 minute and you will especially notice that the muscles in the front of your thigh are well stimulated.

With the wall seat you pretend to sit, but by holding your back against the wall you hold the position.

You can intensify this exercise by placing a weight on your lap.

Anti cellulite excersise

With these exercises together you can create a very nice exercise  that is aimed at promoting blood circulation and thereby tackling the cellulite zone. Before you do a workout it is important to warm up. That is why we start jogging on the spot for 1 minute. Then we really get the blood flowing by doing 40 jumping jacks. Then we let the blood focus on the problem zones by doing specific exercises against cellulite and to promote blood flow in that region.

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Cellulite workout

  1. Jog for 1 minute in place
  2. 40 jumping jacks
  3. 20 squats
  4. 1 minute wall seat
  5. 40 jumping jacks
  6. 20 running lunges
  7. 1 minute wall seat
  8. 20 times donkey strap (alternately)
  9. 40 jumping jacks
  10. Jog for 1 minute in place



Stretching is an important part after exercise to prevent injuries. A stretch that is good for your thighs is to grab your foot with one hand and press it against your buttock. This will stretch your thighs.

Stretch your hamstrings by touching your toes or the floor with your hands with your legs straight.

You can also use yoga after the end of a workout

Steps as anti cellulite excersise

Do you find it difficult to motivate yourself to do these exercises? Then it is always a good idea to take a steps group lesson at the gym. Steps exercises are very intensive so that you not only improve blood flow, but also have a greater chance to losing weight which makes the cellulite less noticeable.

In addition, many steps exercises focus on the legs and buttocks. This is ideal for tackling problem areas.

Cycling as anti cellulite excersise

Cycling exercise for cellulite

    cycling is also a good way to train your thighs and buttocks and improve blood flow. Therefore, if the distance allows, I recommend that you take the bike. Did you know that you can cycle six kilometers in half an hour? That is not so bad.

If the distances you have to travel for groceries or work are better to walk or to reach by car, you can also go cycling in your area for fun. Draw a beautiful route with Googlemaps that you can explore by bicycle. You don't even have to do this on a road bike (of course you can), a regular grandma bike or other bicycle for daily use is also good enough.

At home you can cycle on an exercise bike.

Do you not find nice routes for cycling in your area or do you feel unsafe? Do you find cycling on the exercise bike boring at home? Then you can also participate in spinning at the gym. The advantage of spinning is that the fitness instructor has a whole program so that you can train your legs and buttocks well. A spinning class is also very intensive, which increases the chance that you will also lose weight. In addition, spinning is better for your knees than stepping exercises. So if you want to do steps, but you get sore joints, spinning is another good option.

Walking and running as an anti cellulite exercise

Running exercise for cellulite

Another exercise that you do with your legs is of course walking or runningWalking and running uphill is especially good training for the legs and buttocks. A daily walk can already work wonders for the cellulite.

The advantage of running is that it is more intensive than walking and you make a kind of pedaling movement backwards and each time a small jump forward. The use of the back of your legs and buttocks is important for this.

By using a vest with weights you can make walking or running even more intensive. Start slowly and then build it up.


Exercise is just one step away from cellulite, but it can make a difference for many people. The important thing is to improve blood flow in the affected areas. Squats, lunges and all other exercises and sports where the legs and buttocks are used a lot are good to improve blood flow.

In addition, these exercises also help to lose weight, making the cellulite less noticeable. After a while you can definitely wear those nice dresses again without worrying about your appearance.

Start now in winter to reap the benefits in spring and summer. In addition to these exercises, you can also a lot by paying attention to the food you eat.

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