Beauty secrets of celebrities

6 little beauty secrets of celebrities

Celebrity beauty secrets

    Beauty secret n ° 1: gentle cleansing

Our celebrity skin is delicate and sometimes very sensitive. This is why she does not like tap water, which is often too hard and too full of lime . After cleaning with water, wipe your face with a soft lotion that will neutralize lime and prevent redness and irritation, especially on sensitive skin.

Beauty secret n ° 2: the big breath of fresh air

The skin lives and breathes. A natural steam bath will gently promote oxygenation and the elimination of impurities. How to do ? After boiling water with a few branches of rosemary (a plant with antiseptic and healing action), place your face 5 to 10 minutes above the steam, under a cloth covering your head. Then make a mask or apply an active cream, which will only be more effective. Your skin will be radiant with beauty!

Beauty secret n ° 3: the clear complexion gesture

When removing makeup from face , apply and peel off your palms quickly to produce a suction cup effect that will better remove impurities. Do the same with the lotion to dry it naturally, without rubbing, which will also activate skin circulation. You have the pretty clear and clean complexion!

Beauty secret n ° 4: the fridge reflex

We often wonder how the stars do to have this pink complexion in the morning! In fact, everything is a good night's sleep and… a touch of freshness! So, for a luminous complexion in the early morning, place your day cream in the fridge. The application is pleasant (especially in summer!) And awakens the complexion. Thanks to its tightening power, the cold effect clearly firms the skin. Little extra: your cream will keep longer!

Beauty Secret # 5: The Ice Effect

For flawless skin and flawless make-up, practice this amazing gesture: get an ice cube on your face when you wake up and / or before applying make-up! You can even freeze your lotion in small ice packs, for a two-in-one effect.

Icing on face

Beauty Secret # 6: Detox Lemon

Detox lemon

To boost your complexion, drink each morning, on an empty stomach, a large glass of hot water with the juice of half a lemon. Thanks to its detoxifying effect, lemon purifies the body, facilitates transit ... and restores radiance to your skin. It is THE star gesture for a beautiful complexion!

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