Effective workouts for beginners at home

Effective workouts for beginners at home

       How to make a training plan for home .Look for examples of excellent fitness programs for beginners in the material.
Effective work out for beginners at home

We share tips on how to make a training plan for your home .Power or cardio - examples of fitness programs are suitable even for beginners.

Training plan for girls at home
How to make a training plan for beginners? Those who are just learning the  basics The best option is 2-3 cardio training and 1-2 strength training. The workout plan  is suitable for losing weight and increasing muscle strength. Approximate training plan for the week:

  • Monday: cardio day;
  • Tuesday: strength training for all muscle groups;
  • Wednesday: cardio day;
  • Thursday: strength training for all muscle groups;
  • Friday: cardio
  • Saturday: rest;
  • Sunday: rest.

Such a training plan leaves time for physical and emotional recovery. If you can’t go to the gym for five days in a row,  this is the perfect plan  for you. At the beginning of each lesson, do a warm-up to warm up your muscles and prepare them for exercise. In the end, do a hitch or stretch for 10 to 15 minutes

Cardio plan

    Cardio exercises can be done in completely different ways. Exercise bike or elliptical trainer - choose the cyclic activity that you like best.
  • run;
  • elliptical trainer;
  • exercise bike;
  • recumbent exercise bike;
  • step trainer;
  • rowing machine.
Effective work out for beginners at home

Women over 40 are advised to opt for upright cardiovascular equipment, such as a treadmill, elliptical or stepping machine. There is one reason - with age, bone density decreases, namely, standing simulators contribute to their strengthening. Begin training with low intensity for 15 minutes, gradually increasing both the intensity and duration as the cardiorespiratory system develops.

  • Warm up for 5 minutes at a moderate pace and with low resistance.
  • 2 minutes - movement at an accelerated pace.
  • After 2 minutes, increase your pace. 2 minutes lasts the fastest cycle.
  • After 2 minutes, slow down and alternate fast and medium speed for 20 minutes.
  • After 20 minutes, do a hitch and rest in motion for 5 minutes.

Muscles strength Training Plan

Strength training is needed just like 
cardio workouts. Regular strength exercises increase muscle mass and reduce body fat. In addition, strength training increases bone density. 

Muscle strength training tips for beginners
      According to strength training specialist, muscle strength training is intended to train the body's work and muscle strength through body movements and exercise equipment. Not only that, there are still many benefits to be gained by doing this exercise.

Among these are increasing the body's metabolic rate, burning more calories, strengthening bones and joints, and even improving blood pressure. Well, if you are still a beginner who wants to try muscle strength training, some of these tips you can apply.

Warm up

Warm up exercise

As with sports in general, it is important to warm up first before starting muscle strength training. The goal is to avoid injury and relax stiff muscles so that you are not surprised when doing exercise

The trick is not difficult, you only need about five to ten minutes starting with various heating options. For example, brisk walking, casual jogging, or dynamic stretching. Dynamic stretching uses controlled movements to flex the muscles while increasing the range of your movements, including kicking and walking.

2. Start by relying on your own body weight

As a beginner who wants to try muscle strength training, you should not overwork your body's muscles by directly using weight-bearing exercise equipment. Instead, you can start by using small-sized sports equipment such as resistance bands, kettlebell training balls, to small dumbbells.

Even for safer, take advantage of your own body weight as an initial step in muscle strength training. Movements that can be tried include squats, push-ups, and lunges. After that, you can continue the exercise to a higher level gradually.
Core strenghting exercise

Adjust the frequancy of exercise gradially

People who are just starting muscle strength training should start with a mild frequency of exercise first. For example, two days a week in the first two to three weeks. After that you can increase the frequency to three days a week. It aims to adjust the body so it is not surprised and more accustomed to this exercise.

Not only that, you also have to adjust the duration of exercise from the beginning of the exercise. Initially try 20 minutes for one session, then gradually add time when you are used to it. Ideally, the more often you do strength training, the frequency and duration of training will increase.

4. Combine upper and lower body movements

Push up exercise

Muscle strength training will be more effective if it is done evenly using all body muscles from top to bottom. The reason is, exercises that involve all the muscles of the body can maximize the work of muscles and burning your body's calories.

Simply, you can combine several movements that involve the upper and lower body in one exercise., from squats and push-ups; lunges and  pulldown; and mountain climber and bench row.

5. Be consistent with the same movements, then develop

People who have been reliable in doing muscle strength training, can do exercises with a variety of tools and movements that are always different every day. However, for those of you who are just starting out, you don't have to follow it if it isn't already comfortable.

Keep doing the same movements repeatdly two to three times a week , to increase the strength levels. If you want better results, you can repeat the same exercise by increasing the difficulty of the movement and the weight of the tool used during the exercise gradually.

6. Stretch and cool down after the exercise
Streching exercise

Stretching after exercise is important to help increase body flexibility. While mild cooling is also good for calming the nervous system after working hard.

7. Rest the body

Rest after exercise

As a beginner in muscle strength training, maybe your body will experience less aches and pains because it is still an adaptation stage. That is why, after doing this exercise you are encouraged to maximize rest time. The reason is, if you constantly force the work of the muscles without providing rest time for recovery, the muscles will have difficulty repairing and rebuilding themselves.

For the sake of maximum results, set aside about 48 hours, aka two days to really pamper yourself by doing light activities and optimizing rest.

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