Foods to refresh collagen in skin

8 foods to refresh the collagen on your skin

Collagen in skin

      You can benefit from creams and lotions, but you need to add some nutrient-rich foods to your diet to renew the collagen in your skin.

     Collagen may be a style of protein formed by animal tissue cells referred to as fibroblasts  .It accounts for about 30% of your body's total protein mass and 80% of connective tissue.

      In easy way ,  this protein acts as a glue  that connects your entire body. Without collagen, your body couldn't  be able to combine its parts.

Role of collagen in your skin

     Collagen protects the skin structure by creating a barrier against toxins and other harmful external factors. Therefore, it is a very important protein for your skin health.
        It is the main component of hair and nails, it also forms ligaments and connective tissues. To be more precise, this protein is responsible for the tightness of your skin and makes up most of the dermis.

Therefore, when you lose collagen, you will lose the firmness and suppleness of your skin.

When and why does collagen loss start?
      People start losing collagen at the age of 25, and this becomes more noticeable after 35.  

When the collagen level in yoir body decreases, the epithelial structures weaken, your hair loses strength, the skin becomes thinner  and wrinkles and saggy skin appear.

In addition, the flexibilness of your tendons, ligaments and joints is reduced.

Factors that increases collagen loss
  •  Pollution , smoking , ultravoilet rays ,stress caffeine and excessive physical workout increase the production of free radicals that can destroy collagen in your body
  •  Hormone changes during menopause  is also the reason of collgen depletion.
  •  Aging also affects the production of collagen.
  • Treatments that prevent the body's absorption of vitamins and minerals also worsen the consiquences of this condition.
Refresh Collagen in skin

What can you consume to freshen the collagen on your skin?

     Although its production has begun to decline, the entire collagen in the body is not lost. There are some foods that are rich in protein that helps the body to produce collagen.

By consuming these foods, you can help your skin improve firmness, freshness and suppleness. Collagen-rich foods include:

Foods to  refresh Collagen in skin

Meat is one of the important nutritional elements of the diet.

The best meats that can be consumed for their high collagen content are:

  • beef
  • Chicken
  • Goat

For example, skin, offal and bones are the richest parts of the animal in terms of protein and collagen.

Foods to refresh Collagen in skin

  Like other animals , fish have bones and ligaments made up of collagen ,especially fish scales are rich in this protein.

Also, omega-3 fatty acids found in fish can help protect the membranes in skin cells.

Thus, the chance of inflammation is reduced and provides elasticity and firmness to the skin.

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Foods to refresh Collagen in skin

90% of gelatin consists of derivatives of collagen. It is also very low in calories.

 Red fruits and vegetables

Fruit to build collagen in skin

Red fruits like apples, strawberries, cherries, beets, red peppers and the like contain lycopene. Lycopene is not only an superb antioxidant, it also helps increase the production of collagen.

 Fruits rich in vitamin C

Vitamin C for skin

Vitamin C is plays a major role in collagen production . Citrus fruits  Orange, lemon, kiwi, grapefruit, mango and pineapple are fruits that contain high amount  of vitamin C.

These fruits also contain antioxidants that prevent wrinkles from forming.


Vegetables to refresh collagen

  Leafy green vegetables  plays a major role in healthy diet and they offer aesthetic benefits too.
Vegetables such as cabbage , spinach , kale and other salad green are rich in anti oxidents and perfect for collagen production


Vegetables to refresh collagen

      Beans contains high proteins content especially amino acids necessary for collagen production.

Foods like garlic , tomato , berries tropical foods, egg white , cashew nuts also increases collagen oeoduction 

All these products are easy to search out and buy. You will able to include these products in your meals as per your own taste. Make sure your diet is healthy and balanced. When your body starts increasing collagen production, you will start to notice its effects on your skin

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