Heart healthy diet

 healthy heart diet

Eating healthy is an importmant way to maintain heart health.
         If you are one of those who say "Nothing will happen to me", "It comes from the throat" or "Whatever I find, I eat it", you may be a potential candidate for heart disease. Remember that; malnutrition habits are one of the most important triggers of cardiovascular diseases. Memorial Antalya Hospital, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery recommended healthy nutrition recommendations for cardiovascular health.

Healthy heart

 Eat healthy for a healthy heart

Stop smoking, limit alcohol

In the treatment of patients with vascular stiffness, firstly, it is to slow down the vascular stiffness as much as possible, to recede and to try to stop it if possible. Therefore, patients with vascular stiffness should quit smoking first. Not starting smoking at all is very important for cardiovascular health. Although alcohol is not directly related to heart diseases, its excess consumption has a negative effect on cardiovascular health, especially because it causes fatty liver.

2- Consume enough and balanced food from every food

Eating a balanced diet and getting enough of each food is very important for a healthy heart. Diet programs applied to reach a healthy weight are not strictly followed by humans, regardless of how diabetic they are kept. Therefore, an outlined diet is more effective than a strict diet. According to this;

  • Oil use should be limited, and oil should be used on a scale, not by eye decision.
  • The roast habit should be eliminated. The main reason for this is the burning of the oil during frying. The quality and type of oil are of no importance here.
  • Food such as pastry, fast food should be avoided. Especially with fast food style foods; It should also be prevented from consuming processed meats such as salami, sausage and sausages.
  • Semi-skimmed milk should be consumed. Box milk is safe for hygiene.
  • Food should not be consumed "as desired". While eating fruits and vegetables, you should pay attention to calorie amounts and consume them in moderation.
  • Red meat consumption should be preferred once a week, without fat. In addition, chicken and turkey meat should be preferred, and not too fatty fish should be eaten twice a week. Seafood other than fish should not be consumed.
  • Eggs can be consumed 2-3 times a week. However, it should never be preferred as boiling, not in oil. In terms of hygiene, the yolk should be of a solid consistency, not apricot consistency.

3- Cook the chicken by separating its skin

The skin of the chicken should be removed before cooking. There is no benefit in removing the skin after consuming it with the skin and consuming it. Because during cooking, the skin causes the fat to penetrate into the meat.

4- Use no more than 1.5 teaspoons of salt per day


Limiting the use of salt is very important for cardiovascular health and blood pressure. As the consumption of salt is high in Turkish society, especially blood pressure and stomach problems are increasing rapidly. Since the salt needed by the body is taken in sufficient amounts with vegetables and fruits, salt shakers should not be kept at the table. Salt is completely a palate, and for those who have not met with salt from a young age, this is not a deficiency.

5- Put honey in tea instead of sugar

Honey for heart health

Refined, processed sugar is also dangerous for cardiovascular health. However, honey, which is real and does not contain any additives, is not as harmful as sugar. Like sugar, honey can be used in tea as a sweetener. In European culture, honey is used as a sweetener in meals.

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6- Do not roast onions in meals


The culture dishes cooked by burning oil, saute the onions in the fat is unhealthy eating habits. Onions should not be roasted in oil, all ingredients should be put together and cooked. Regardless of which oil is used, the feature deteriorates as soon as it is burned.

Eat butter instead of margarine

Butter for healthy heart

The oil used in meals or breakfast is all about taste. Especially the use of butter or margarine in pilaf is due to the eating habits of butter eaten at breakfast. Frying with sunflower oil instead of olive oil is also part of this diet. Recently produced margarines containing Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids can be used. However, if strictly fat is to be used, this preference should be in favor of butter. 1.5 teaspoons of butter can be used for meals, but not for breakfast.

8- Fry the potato in the oven, not in the oil

Fry potatoes

Especially, fried potatoes are a very popular type of roast in terms of taste. Potatoes can be cut into thin and small slices, and olive oil is poured over and thrown into the oven. Eggplant can also be consumed by roasting instead of frying. Red meat, chicken and fish should also be eaten without frying tomorrow. It is healthier to consume it with its own water in the oven.

9- Prefer  beef instead of lamb

Beef for healthy heart

Red meat must be consumed. However, lean beef and kid meat can be preferred once a week for cardiovascular health. It can be consumed two days a week, not “unlimited” from chicken and fish. It should definitely redefine the eating habits of patients, especially those who have vascular stiffness problems. If the meat is to be cooked in the oven and tomato paste is used, home tomato paste should not be preferred. Because it has a high salt content. It is okay to cook vegetable dishes with a piece of meat. However, it is very important that the meat is lean.

10- Exercise regularly with a doctor and get a check up

Exercise for healthy heart

Women and men over the age of 40 should undergo a cardiological check up once a year. Person; Familial risk factors for heart diseases should be included in the check up programs according to other accompanying diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol. Cardiological examinations should be made individually. After making personal separations at the cardiological check up, the doctor can also organize personalized exercise.

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