How many calories burn depending on exercise

How many calories burn depending on the exercise you do?

      The calories are the issues that burn many women. How many calories does a sweet have, how many calories will I burn doing this type of exercise or for so long and so many other internal questions. It's hard to measure everything in order to burn the calories you want. Exercise and exercise are one of the best ways to burn calories - always combined with proper nutrition.

Today I bring you a list from the Mayo Clinic in America that says how many calories and depending on the exercise you do. Really a gift list for all of us who are trying to figure out how to burn calories as easily. Just think that if you go for an hour of walking you will burn around 250 calories - not bad at all!

Calorie burning according to the exercise you choose



Running exercise for burning calories

Running burns the most calories. Over a thousand calories per hour and from what you understand, no matter how much we hate running for at least half an hour a day, it will burn 500 calories that way. To tell you the truth, running is the worst thing I can do, but every time I come back from this half hour I feel like I've relieved all my tension.

Aerobic Gymnastics

Aerobic gymnastics for burning calories

Aerobics I think is one of the types of exercises that everyone loves. It's fun to have variety and an intense aerobic exercise program can burn up to 650 calories. It is one of the most perfect combinations since you have a good time exercising and several calories!

      • Swimming

Swimming exercise for burning calories

Do you like any form of exercise in the water? If so, I want to tell you that with just one hour of swimming you can burn 500 calories, while if you choose to do aerobics in water and 500 calories per hour. Swimming is one of the exercises I do and I can tell you that this one hour in the water is extremely relaxing and enjoyable - especially when you burn 500 calories.

Go up and down the stairs

Running on stairs exercise for burning calories

Listen to what happens when you run up and down the stairs. Do it for an hour and that's how you'll burn over 800 calories. You will tell me that your feet will die up and down. Yes, the first few times will be difficult, but with practice you will get used to and the calves will tighten. I think I've already given you enough motivation!


Basketball for burning calories

I love basketball, I love it and I think it's one of the most beautiful sports there is. It's fun, group and also every round lasts from 10 minutes. So you don't die of fatigue. So playing this one hour that you will keep the game in total you have burned 700 calories. Impressive; It is impressive!


Tennis for burning calories


I'm moving on to another sport that several women have noticed that they prefer lately. Playing tennis and 700 calories per hour. You make sense to me when you're chasing a ball all over the field. So my girls if you like tennis, don't hesitate thinking you won't burn a lot of calories. In an hour 700 calories is very good.


Hiking for burning calories

For the end I left hiking. Initially, it is a form of exercise that, in addition to burning calories, also offers you magical landscapes, peace, tranquility and generally it is what the soul and the mind need when you really want to escape and calm down. Hiking with your backpack and 630 calories per hour. It may be relatively small compared to running or climbing down the stairs, but the interaction with your nature fills the batteries.

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