How to prevent hair loss


6 bad habits and how to prevent hair loss  


Hair loss that can be a problem regardless of age. The population of hair loss exceeds 10 million people, especially the younger generation and the number of female hair loss patients. 

Try using shampoo that is effective for hair loss, eat foods that are good for preventing hair loss, such as black beans and sewage, and get expensive medicine or hair loss treatment, but it is not easy to stop hair loss once it has started.

The causes of hair loss are not only genetic, but also stress and diet, wrong diet and lifestyle, and environmental hormones.

There are bad habits that cause hair loss during thoughtless thoughts when you wash your hair. Let's learn the bad habits and preventive methods for hair loss in order to save my precious hair.  

How to prevent hair loss

Wrong shampoo method

Shampoo that is often used when washing hair. Some people wash their hair by squeezing a lot of shampoo and saying that the contaminants are well removed. Too much shampoo is bad for your scalp health, so make sure you use the right amount for your hair thinning.

Do not rub the shampoo directly on your scalp after squeezing it on your hands, but after rubbing it thoroughly with both hands, if there is a lot of bubbles, apply it evenly over the entire hair.  

In addition, there are people who like to scalp scalp with nails when washing hair to cool the scalp. If your nails are long or if you don't clean your hands often and there are many bacteria between your nails, your scalp can become infected.

It is a good idea to wash your hands thoroughly before you wash your hair, to keep your nails clean, and to gently massage your finger prints.     

2. Incorrect drying method

Drying the hair with hot air increases the temperature of the scalp and irritates the hair follicles. In addition, it may be desirable to dry the scalp with cold or natural wind instead of hot wind as it can cause hair loss by overdrying the scalp or breaking the oil/moisture balance.

On the contrary, even if the use of a dryer is not good for the scalp, leaving the hair dry at all will cause hair loss. When the scalp gets wet, it may smell from the parietal or become a favorite environment for bacteria, and seborrheic scalpitis can occur. If these symptoms are severe, hair loss may occur, so be careful.

Incorrect drying method

3. Long-standing Garma

Many people keep Garma for a long time in order to stick to their own hairstyle. Even after washing or washing hair, Garma naturally burns itself. However, a Garma that suits me may be the cause of hair loss.

The scalp of the burnt part may be exposed to UV rays and weaken, resulting in hair loss. In addition, if excessive ultraviolet rays are exposed to the scalp, it can cause damage to the scalp as well as hair loss.
4. Cold your hair in the morning

Morning showers are a great way to open your day, but not a great way for your hair. When you wash your hair in the morning, the good oil in your hair is washed off, making your scalp susceptible to ultraviolet rays. In addition, you may not be able to detect meticulously enough with enough time to wash your hair relative to evening.

Nowadays, our bodies are exposed to numerous fine dusts. Be sure to take a shower and wash your hair when you return home after going out because waste can clog pores.  

5. Unbalanced nutrition

It is not only harmful to health, but also causes hair loss. Sufficient nutrients must also be supplied to the hair follicle to make hair to make healthy hair. In the case of women, hair loss is often caused by an excessive diet, so try to eat the nutritional value evenly.

Unbalanced nutrition leads to hair loss

6.Drinking and smoking

When you drink alcohol, your body heats up. Alcohol can interfere with blood circulation and increase the heat of the scalp, resulting in hair loss. Oily foods eaten as snacks also help build up fat on the scalp and promote hair loss.

The nicotine and tar components of cigarettes cause blood vessels to constrict and prevent blood flow, making hair loss worse, so excessive drinking and smoking are not good for your hair. 

Smoking causes hair loss

How to prevent hair loss

How to prevent hair loss

Correcting the bad habits introduced earlier can help prevent hair loss. Hair loss is also a disease. It is important to be healthy to prevent and treat hair loss.

Before washing your hair, make sure to comb your hair thoroughly, wash the scalp and dirt off your hair with plenty of water, and then shampoo. Also, if you wash your hair with hot water, the cuticle layer and protein of the scalp may be damaged and the hair may be weakened. It is better to use warm water than hot water.

It is also important to minimize the irritation of the scalp. Wear a hat on a sunny day, and when using a hair dryer, keep it away from your head and dry with a natural breeze. If possible, wash your hair thoroughly in the evening to thoroughly wash away the dust and waste that accumulate in your day and sleep.

Massaging the scalp from the nape to help supply blood to the scalp also helps prevent hair loss. Stretch frequently and make your blood circulation and metabolism smooth with the right posture.

For healthy hair, you should reduce drinking and smoking, and eat a balanced diet. Make sure to eat enough protein-rich chicken, eggs, seaweeds full of minerals, seaweeds such as kelp, and vegetables rich in vitamins.

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