Mistakes we make after exercise

 6 common mistakes we make after excercise

              Athletic people should live and feel responsible lives. But there is one mistake we all make after exercising, even though we keep these traditional rights!

        Those who exercise know that it improves overall health. You feel fit and have more energy. But after our workout, the risk of one or two mistakes is very high. Some are so fatal that they can negatively affect the training even afterwards. We tell you what mistakes are here!

Mistakes we make after an exercise

To complete an effective workout, you should avoid these 6 mistakes

1The passive cool down

Passive cool down means the following mistake: After a hard day's work and a subsequent workout, many of us long for the couch or the bed. Ideally in front of the TV and with dinner. This is how the body goes down, but the scientists are of the opinion that we need a different kind of relaxation. You still have to do the laundry or vacuum, but want to postpone it until tomorrow? That is the biggest mistake! 
          Our body has to keep moving and that's exactly what we need after the sports session: light housework keeps you moving and you can kill two birds with one stone.

Passive cool down after exercise

2. Avoid meals

During fitness exercises, we stretch our muscle fibers. The glycogen contained in our muscles provides our body with energy. Those who train a lot have to eat a lot so that the body never runs out of energy - logically. Glycogens store carbohydrates in our muscles. It is therefore all the more important to eat the right carbohydrates so that the muscles are properly built up. It is therefore important to eat a protein-containing meal no later than 30 minutes after training. This meal not only strengthens our muscles, it also boosts calories. So never give up your food, because that's the basis for your muscle building!

We recommend the following protein foods after training

milk and milkproducts
Nuts and kernels
Soy products

. 3 Drink alot

Drinking water is very important, we all know that. We sweat a lot of water during the training, which makes it all the more important to replenish your own water balance. Many drink energy drinks or boosters before training, which is perfectly okay. The blood pressure, the blood sugar and also the heart rate rise very high with these drinks and cannot normalize the physiological values like the water does. Experts advise you to stay with the water so that your health is not jeopardized and the training maintains its efficiency. Many booster manufacturers also contain hidden sugar, which of course we want to do without sports cannons.

Drink alot after exercise

. 4 Stretch

If you do not stretch before sport, you will quickly feel the consequences. Stretching is just as much a part of training as warming up before training. It can relieve sore muscles and we all know how painful sore muscles can be. Stretching improves flexibility and can make the exercise a little easier by doing it better after stretching

Stretching exercise

4 Dont shower

Those who exercise, of course, notice an increased body temperature after their workout. And after the successful fitness session, we all yearn for a cool down: the cold shower. Did you know that a cool shower supports our muscles' recovery process? In addition, showering should alleviate muscle pain and be able to quickly rebuild our muscles. The skin is also better supplied with blood. If you don't take a shower, you leave all sweat particles on your skin and do without the muscle building process that is stimulated by the water.

Shower after exercise

5.Wrong food

One of the most popular "mistakes" after training is "rewarding" with the wrong food. True to the motto: "I was on the stepper for 30 minutes today, so it is okay if I eat a pizza tonight and then treat myself to a bag of chips with a dip" - sure! Absolutely no problem at all! This does not necessarily have to be called an error. Of course we can treat ourselves to something and especially eat what we feel like. However, if you train with the goal of losing some weight or getting fit, you should prefer healthy snacks with proteins in the evening.

Eating wrong food

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