Healthy foods for flat stomach


Healthy foods for flat stomach

       Are you wondering how to lose belly fat? In this case, just start by eating the right foods.

Most people who want a slim waist and flat stomach hope to lose their belly fat by doing sit-ups.

But just as important is examining what you put in your mouth. Otherwise, your abs will remain forever hidden under a layer of abdominal fat.

I have compiled a list of foods that can help you regain a flat stomach. Read on and find out what are the right foods to lose belly fat.

What foods for a flat stomach?

Healthy foods for flat stomach
       Can you lose belly fat by adding certain foods to your diet? Absolutely!

In this article, I tell you about ten foods that  is recommend to eat if you want to find a flat and firm stomach.

Let's go through each of them and see what science has to say about them.

1: Melon and watermelon
Water melon

 Full of health benefits melon and watermelon are more than a summer snack.They are naturally low in calories and high in essential nutrients, including fiber, vitamins, minerals, and water ( source ). A fresh melon can contain up to 90% water: the perfect refreshment.

Melon and watermelon are also high in potassium. 

Potassium regulates sodium in the body. This helps prevent bloating.

Also, melons have a very refreshing taste. Delicious in a smoothie!

2: Nuts

       Rich in alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), nuts can help reduce inflammation.

       A 2017 study could explain why nuts promote weight loss: They seem to activate an area of ​​the brain involved in appetite and impulse control (source ).

Nuts, therefore, do not stimulate fat burning. They do, however, help to avoid overeating. Also, nuts are a portion of excellent snack food. They allow you to satisfy the hungry by fighting against the cravings for junk food.

3: Wholemeal bread
Wholemeal bread

      A 2009 study showed that a diet high in whole grains, such as wholegrain bread and oatmeal, can significantly reduce belly fat ( source ).

    Its no surprise that replacing refined grains with whole grains promotes weight loss. Whole grains are high in fiber, which helps digestion. They help increase the feeling of fullness and prevent overeating.

      Refined grains, like white bread, are low in fiber and the right nutrients. Also, they cause a rapid rise in blood sugar because they are quickly converted into glucose.

       Therefore, the whole bread is a good option, but remember that it is still high in carbohydrates and calories. If you want to regain a flat stomach, consume it in moderation. To make the switch from white bread to wholemeal bread more quickly, spread your favorite spread.

4: Grapefruit

       Grapefruit is one of the food choices for those who want to find a flat stomach safely and naturally.

In mice, grapefruit consumption was found to significantly reduce blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity ( source ). Low blood sugar helps regulate hunger.

    In 2006, a study in humans looked at 91 obese participants and divided them into four groups:

  • Group 1 received a placebo
  • Group 2 received grapefruit capsules
  • Group 3 drank grapefruit juice
  • Group 4 ate fresh grapefruit
Participants had to consume their assigned supplement three times a day before each meal for three months.

The results? Group 4, who had consumed fresh grapefruit, lost the most weight, followed by  grapefruit juice drinkers. The group that was  given capsules did better than the placebo group.
Consumption of half a fresh grapefruit before meals was associated with significant weight loss and improved insulin resistance.

This is probably because consuming grapefruit leads to a higher intake of fiber and provides greater satiety than drinking grapefruit juice. Eating foods high in soluble fiber can also help regulate blood sugar.

A grapefruit will not make you regain a flat stomach, but it is one of those foods that help avoid food compulsions!

Are you not a fan of grapefruit eaten as is? In this case, put it in the blender!

5: Salmon

     When we talk about the benefits of fish, we cannot ignore salmon. Salmon is rich in vitamins and minerals, but also proteins and omega-3s.

While it doesn't magically melt fat, salmon is high in protein, a great asset for people who want to lose weight. Proteins are more satiating than carbohydrates or fats ( source ).

Increasing your protein intake leads to faster and longer-lasting satiety. So we eat less.

Salmon (especially wild salmon) is rich in vitamin D, the ally of a flat stomach. Research has shown that vitamin D promotes weight loss.

6: Avocado

      This delicious green fruit is rich in fiber and good fats, which promote abdominal fat loss.

Very high in calories, however, avocados should be consumed in moderation. Avocados may be high in calories and fat, but they can promote weight loss ( source ).

The reason? Studies have shown that eating avocados can prolong feelings of fullness ( source ). This allows you to eat less and therefore reduce your calorie intake. Over time, this results in weight loss

Avocados can be enjoyed in many ways. You can use them as a substitute for butter or margarine on bread. But you can also incorporate them into your salads and smoothies.

7. White tea
White tea

       The green tea is often the first tea that comes to mind when talking about weight loss.

But do you know white tea? White tea is a good source of caffeine and catechins, such as EGCG. These two substances can have a synergistic effect, promoting fat burning and stimulating metabolism ( source ).

Also, of all types of tea, white tea is the least processed! It is to this that it owes its richness in antioxidants . Antioxidants protect cells from damage caused by compounds called free radicals.

The build-up of damage from free radicals can have adverse effects on the body. Fortunately, white tea seems to be one of the best varieties of tea for fighting free radicals.

The next time you order a cup of tea, think about white tea!

8: Peppers

        Do you like spicy foods and have that stubborn belly fat you'd like to get rid of? Then this tip is for you!

Initially, the pepper's spiciness was a defense mechanism put in place by the pepper to avoid being eaten by animals. But man has discovered a taste for their flavor. And we've been using them to spice up our dishes for hundreds of years.

Studies have shown that the active ingredient in chili peppers, capsaicin, causes a temporary increase in the metabolism of around 8%. This effect lasts about half an hour ( source ).

Additionally, hot peppers can regulate appetite, promote satiety, and reduce cravings for fat, helping prevent overeating ( source ).

If you don't like spiciness, I suggest you try the sweet peppers. Over time, your tolerance to chili peppers will increase. So don't be intimidated by the fear of having your mouth on fire!

9: Eggs

Last on our list of foods for a flat stomach: eggs.

Eggs are a natural source of protein. They contain all of the essential amino acids that the body needs and can promote abdominal fat loss.

They can help you decrease your calorie intake throughout the day. Additionally, eggs are a great source of several vitamins and minerals that are often lacking in Western diets.

Eggs make a great breakfast! People who eat eggs for breakfast benefit all day.

A breakfast of eggs has shown to increase weight loss by 65% ​​over eight weeks ( source ). These impressive results achieved without effort. The only thing the participants had to do was eat eggs for breakfast!

Lose belly while playing sports

Lose belly fat while playing sports

      Besides eating well, it is also a good idea to get enough physical activity every day. Give up, taking the car for your travels more often. You can also get on your bike instead of taking the car.

For a belly at the top, It is also recommend that you go to the gym. A few hours at the gym each week will work wonders for your body and your mind. Don't wait any longer to improve your diet and exercise more to lose belly fat and regain a slim figure.

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