How much physical activity do adults need each week

   How much physical activity do adults need each week

Physical activity benefits

      Practising physical activities has become a habit of many people, who seek, in addition to getting in shape, to have more health and disposition.

One of the first doubts that arise when deciding to do a sport is regarding the frequency with which it should be performed.

            Exercising sporadically poses health risks, just as not letting the body rest between workouts is also harmful.

To help, we developed this post, explaining which amount of exercises is ideal to have a positive impact on health! Follow.

What does it take to exercise safely?

         The first step, before starting any physical activity, is to have a checkup to check if the body is in perfect condition. For people over 30, it is interesting also to perform an electrocardiogram.

The second step is to assess with a physical education teacher, and then decide which exercises you want to practice, looking for a specialized gym.

         It is essential to have the monitoring of a qulified professionals so that physical activity is practised safely.

Why is exercising only on weekends not recommended?

         Many people are unable to fit physical activity into the weekly routine and end up adhering to it only on weekends. However, this practice is hazardous and can bring severe problems to the body.

          The reason is that the body cannot get used to physical activity when it is practised only on Saturdays and Sundays. The consequence is an overload of the heart and other muscles, which can cause injuries or infarction. 

        For this reason, those who only have free weekends should consult a specialist to help them set up a program in which the body is not so required.

The good idea is to diversify the muscles and exercises worked on each day and also not perform high-intensity activities. 

How often should you practice physical activities?

        The indicated for the practice of physical muscle exercises is, at least, twice a week. Aerobic physical activities should be performed every day for at least  30 minutes.

Physical activity benefits

      if the exercise performed is intense and exceeds 30 minutes, it is necessary to rest the next day or perform some activity that exercises other parts of the body. The cool thing is to insert different types of exercises:

  • strength training: Tuesdays and Thursdays;
  • swimming: Mondays and Wednesdays;
  • race: Saturdays.

     To maintain good health, you need to exercise at least two and a half hours a week, at moderate intensity, no matter what activity you choose! This time can be divided according to the physical capacity of each one and increased as well.

Does exercise intensity interfere with frequency? 

        The intensity of the exercise does interfere with the frequency. If someone practices a high-intensity activity, the rest time for the recovery of the muscles and the body must be longer.

       For people who are standing still, the start should be lighter, increasing the difficulty as the days go 

It is important to note that all activities have progression levels. For example, whoever wants to start running should start walking, then alternate running and walking until they can run all the time. 

      To obtain better results, it is interesting to consult a physical education professional who can pass a complete training program, with the appropriate developments for each exercise.

Exercising is essential to maintain well-being and quality of life, with illnesses at bay. To do this with the condition, it is necessary to have the correct follow-up. Choose the activity that most piques your interest and start right now!

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